Develop a creative concept for promo materials


The coronavirus outbreak of 2020 brought some unexpected hidden advantages.

For example, everyone who’d been resisting online service implementation and continuing to develop online-retail services now had to become fast and convenient within short time.
Those who had already been doing delivery services only needed to make their service safer.

Let the consumer know there’s nothing to worry about. DPD company isn’t going for any pressure, it will just be doing its job.

The advantage of the DPD delivery was that it was actually contactless. No signatures, no paper check, everything works online. The customer didn’t have to touch anything except for the parcel.

That’s how each delivery, in accordance with our concept, was turning into a real special operation handled by a unique group of people – DPD agents. Armed and undangerous.

Face mask —to keep you away from worries
Antiseptic — to use after each delivery
Gloves —to make sure no one but you touches your delivery
Tape measure —to provide the 1.5 meter distance

People are used to the delivery carriers looking plain. There are thousands of them – similar, boring, chained by the corporation codes. We took a new look at this job and suggested a new hero – stylish and confident. Someone you can rely on.

Roger! Street is clean. Entrance is clean. Hand are clean. The package delivered is clean!
Please, clear the perimeter! DPD is working.
Security shot of the antiseptic to the hands! Just to be clean!
Doing my work clean and secure!


Eugeny Pyryev
Yuri Nechaev
Strategy Director
Inna Samylova
Creative Director
Nikolay Murygin
Dmitry Bugaev
Art Director
Ilya Kiselev
Graphic Designer
Tatiana Savchenko
Graphic Designer
Anastasia Ryaskova
Project Manager
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